‘Heart Boy’ by Banksy

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The Outside Living Room have secured the rights to sell one of the most iconic artists of our time – Banksy’s ‘Heart Boy’, in a one of a kind and never to be repeated ‘Cheshire Edition Frame’ authentic print.

What makes this print different from the rest?… Well, it’s never been done before!!

This ‘Heart Boy’ is the only authentic print on the market and John Brandler has teamed up with YardArtUK to bring this print back to where it belongs – Outside! Banksy is best known for his outdoor work and it only seems right to keep it there. Marking this the first time anyone has EVER owned the rights to create an outdoor Banksy art piece.

All prints have been specially designed by YARDARTUK to be all-weather proof, resistant to UV rays, and come with 4 architectural bolts for easy installation onto a fence, brick or concrete wall.

These authentic prints are numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity from major Art Dealer John Brandler who owns the rights to Banksy’s ‘Heat Boy’ as well as other original Banksy Wall Art.

Only 25 of these ‘Cheshire Edition’ authentic prints exist, and we have secured the rights to them all. The ‘Cheshire Edition’ will be show cased with the original painting at the Banksy Room, Moyse’s Hall Museum as part of their exhibit running from the 23rd of May – September 30th 2021. ‘Heart Boy’ has been on display in Amsterdam and will be showcased in the UK for the first ever time.

Once the ‘Cheshire Edition’ has sold, they will never come to market again. Numbers 9 and 10 will also be sold before the Exhibition, more details to follow.

This is a chance to own a piece of history and hang Banksy’s artwork where it belongs – OUTSIDE.

Number 8 of 25 is exclusively for sale for a limited time only. Once it has gone – it has gone.

Update: Following the successful sale of our #8 limited edition, #9 will be available to purchase from 9pm, Sunday 9th May


Please contact us at info@theoutsidelivingroom.com for enquiries


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The artwork is digitally printed with UV protected weatherproof colour fast inks and applied to a high quality outdoor grade 5mm acrylic using state of the art print technology. The frame is part of the print, giving a three dimensional effect.







dimensions & installation

Height 1000mm. Width 585mm.

The piece comes with four matching architectural bolts for easy fixing to a fence, brick or concrete wall.

own a piece of history

The original mural, measuring over 7 feet tall was created by Banksy in 2009 on the side of a building located at 27-30 Goswell Road in Islington, London, near Kings Cross Station. The mural shows a life-size young boy wielding a wet paint brush, having just painted a large graffiti pink heart on a brick wall.

To create this mural, Banksy and Brooklyn-based collective, Faile, stalked the streets of Islington in search of the perfect building on which to execute their work. When the location was finally found Banksy began creating the mural Heart Boy with black aerosol, stencils and pink acrylic. 

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