Covid Update


manufacturing & delivery delays.


COVID-19 has presented as a massive challenge to the retail industry as a whole, in particular garden furniture. We haven’t been able to travel abroad, so now more than ever people are wanting to transform their outdoor spaces into an ‘Outside Living Room’. Before COVID-19, all stock would be readily available to purchase all year around, including throughout spring and summer. However, this year has presented many challenges and many of our products lines have sold out or have longer than anticipated lead times.

The demand for products from the Far East this year has massively increased, leading to a shortage of shipping containers and a lack of available space on shipping vessels. Equally during the peak of the pandemic all factories were closed meaning a halt on production. This has caused delayed arrivals of many vessels arriving into the UK, meaning lead times are longer. Additionally, some ports have been forced to close due to staff needing to self-isolate.

Once the goods have arrived in the UK, the delays continue as our couriers have to also work within COVID regulations. As always, we are working around the clock to ensure deliveries run smoothly once in the UK but COVID has presented us with problems that are often out of our control.

Our customer service team are always available to discuss any questions you may have, please contact us on at any time and we will respond as soon as possible. Additionally, we are sending individual emails out to all customers once we are given updated information from our suppliers.

Although we are experiencing some delays, we do still have lots of products that are ‘in stock now’ and ready to dispatch. A link to our in stock items can be found at the top of our website.

When placing your order, please refer to the stated estimated delivery dates on the product page and your order confirmation. We only advise estimated delivery dates, we cannot guarantee them during this time.

We would just like to add that we are fully on board with your frustrations around this issue. We are doing everything within our power to get things right for our customers but unfortunately in most circumstances it is out of our control. COVID has brought about exceptional circumstances and unfortunately, we are not able to compensate for these unforeseen times.


Price Increases: 

Here at The Outside Living Room, we pride ourselves in competitively pricing all of our products. As a result of the current issues, garden furniture has experienced unforeseen price increases this year across the board. The increased demand and subsequent shipping crisis has meant that sea freight charges have increased by up to 10 times compared to prices this time last year. We have subsequently had to increase our prices in line with our suppliers. This is not something we wanted to do but again it has been out of our control and necessary so we can continue to supply hight quality furniture.

If you have an questions please contact our customer service team:

Throughout the pandemic the team at The Outside Living Room have been here to answer all your questions. You can ring us direct on 033013387, email or speak to us on the live chat, whatever suits you. We will always respond withing 24 hours and if there is a question we aren’t sure about, we will always find the answer.

Further Information:

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