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commercial hospitality

optimise your outdoor space

2021 – the outside is the new inside!

Here at The Outside Living Room we can help you make the most of your outdoor spaces. All our products are of the highest quality, sourced from around Europe to offer both style & practicality. Everything we sell is 100% weather-proof and can be left outdoors all year round

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commercial price list - 2021

Our Winter/Spring 2021 commercial price list for Heatsail, Masiero, Nova & other brands

vondom price list

Vondom prices shown in euros: €1 = £0.89 to convert to sterling.


Ultra stylish range of chairs, tables, bars and lighting


Heatsail has redefined the luxury lighting, heating and cooling arena.

Order before March 31st to get 5% Discount

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Masiero lighting revolves around the "Maria Teresa" chandeliers typical of Venetian tradition

vista folia

Beautiful, lush, lifelike greenery that brings sophistication to spaces that demand stylish solutions.

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We now offer a 20% deposit facility on selected products.

At present our 20% deposit system is only valid if you are paying by Credit OR Debit Card. Payment for the outstanding balance will automatically be charged to your card when your item is due to be dispatched, this may be up to 7 days before your delivery.

At present you are unable to use the deposit facility using any other payment method but we are looking to change this for 2022.

The option to pay 20% or in full, will be available at checkout.

If you have any questions regarding the deposit system then please contact a member of our friendly team on